by Carlos Salgado
Spain / 2021 / 8‘
Production : Alfonso Casado, Carlos Salgado, Rubén Fernández
When a space explorer picks up a rare flower from a remote planet, little does he know that his journey back home will be an adventure unlike any other. As he travels through breathtaking landscapes and encounters the remains of ancient civilizations, he must also confront daunting challenges that threaten his very existence. But the stakes are high: he is on a mission to preserve a fragile species on the brink of extinction, and failure is not an option. The explorer must draw on all of his skills and ingenuity to navigate treacherous terrain, evade deadly predators, and outsmart cunning adversaries. As he races against time to complete his mission, he discovers the true meaning of courage, sacrifice, and the power of one individual to make a difference in the vast expanse of the galaxy
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